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The Ins and Outs of MindManager Word Importing – Part B: tables

This is the second in a series about importing Word documents into MindManager (MM). In the first part I looked at the options for importing paragraph-based documents and retaining the heading structure in the topic hierarchy of the resulting mind map. In … Continue reading

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The ins and outs of MindManager Word importing – part A: standard Word documents

Background In my last post I discussed in detail a process I have developed to import a task list from Word into MindManager (MM). This process uses a unique feature of MM – when it sends a document the other … Continue reading

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What happened in Sociamind in 2015?

I would like to thank everyone who visited the Sociamind page in 2015, especially those who made comments or provided other feedback. In this final post for 2015 and with only five days of the year left to go I … Continue reading

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Addendum to exporting a simple task or to-do list from MindManager

A little while ago I outlined a process for exporting a simple flat table of tasks from MindManager using the Gantt chart table. After describing this process I commented that there was one drawback, which was that the copying options … Continue reading

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The software subscription model: will consumers buy it?

A response to my last post on Mindjet’s flawed and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to move its entire user base to a subscription model asked whether even major companies such as Adobe will ever succeed in convincing their customers to rent … Continue reading

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