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When Web 2.0 “goes bad” – part 2 – simple steps to help evaluate services and avoid problems

In my last post I looked at three examples of Web 2.0 services that had changed in unexpected ways and the impacts on their users. I also identified some of the associated issues with Web 2.0 applications, including data security, … Continue reading

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When Web 2.0 “goes bad” – part 1

What do a social bookmarking site, a web-based database and a social networking service mainly used in Vietnam have in common? The answer is that all of them have either recently changed, or are about to change, in ways that … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 tools for the “back of house” – part 2: MyCommittee review

In my last post I outlined some of the key steps for small non-government organisations and councils in managing board and committee meetings, highlighting the difficulties in finding a single program that would manage these tasks. So far I have … Continue reading

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