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Big Business carves up the internet – part 1

Is the free, open and somewhat anarchic era of the internet drawing to a close? If so, what are the implications for small organisations? There has been a lot of media attention in recent months to how various governments are … Continue reading

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Smartphones – back to the linear – but mashed – future of social media

In my last post I discussed my recent acquisition of a new iPhone 4. It only takes a short while to realise the revolutionary implications of these devices for the future of social media and Web 2. Checking tweets or … Continue reading

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Smartphones, “dumb” phones, dumber phone companies

It was the call my ageing Windows “dumb” smartphone made to the police – by itself – that finally convinced me I had to get a new phone. Despite me locking the keyboard, my phone had taken to making random calls from inside … Continue reading

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