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Addendum to the dashboard maps post – a dashboard map example

I have received some very positive responses to my previous post on the new dashboard map facility in the latest update release of MindManager, version 2017.1, including a request that I make available the map I used to demonstrate how to set up … Continue reading

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MindManager 2017’s new features in action – 1: HTML 5 export

A Happy New Year to all Sociamind readers and welcome to the first post of 2017. What is HTML 5 export and what does it do? While MindManager 2017 (MM 2017) did not give users everything they wanted, it did deliver … Continue reading

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MindManager 2017 “sneak peeks” summarised: what we now know about the new version

Following on from the MindManager for Windows 2017 preview which I discussed in a recent post, Mindjet has just completed a series of five sneak peeks looking at some of the key features of the new version. These demonstrate a … Continue reading

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Web searching in MindManager without the Google search map part

Why was the Google map search part so useful… For those of us who use MindManager (MM) for research purposes, the sudden demise of the program’s Google map search part has left a serious gap. It was also one of … Continue reading

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The Ins and Outs of MindManager Word Importing – Part C: Task Lists

This is the third in a series about importing Word documents into MindManager (MM), relying in part on the program’s ability to recognise its own Word formatting to recognise specialised fields. In the first part I covered how to import paragraph-based documents … Continue reading

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The software subscription model: will consumers buy it?

A response to my last post on Mindjet’s flawed and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to move its entire user base to a subscription model asked whether even major companies such as Adobe will ever succeed in convincing their customers to rent … Continue reading

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