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Want help with mind mapping and using MindManager in your organisation?

As well as publishing the Sociamind blog which explores the many features and uses of mind mapping, Gooding Davies Consultancy (GDC) offers a range of consultancy services relating to mind mapping and in particular MindManager. Based near Sydney, GDC can provide assistance either … Continue reading

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A new direction…

After a long period without posting I have been wondering about the usefulness of this blog and its future. When I started Sociamind in May 2009 I was interested in exploring the usefulness of social media and “Web 2.0 applications” … Continue reading

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Big Business carves up the internet – part 1

Is the free, open and somewhat anarchic era of the internet drawing to a close? If so, what are the implications for small organisations? There has been a lot of media attention in recent months to how various governments are … Continue reading

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Listening to Twitter- some key tools for your NGO or Council

Serendipity is not uncommon in social media. People find new and unexpected ways of using social media tools all the time. Of course, the same thing happens with PC-based software, but the web allows people to develop new uses for social … Continue reading

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Cloud storage and privacy – the dark side of the silver lining

A report of the Senate Environment and Communications Committee released this month may have profound implications for small businesses, councils and non-government organisations that use cloud storage for personal information relating to their clients or customers. The Committee’s report, titled The … Continue reading

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If the iPad is the answer, what is the question?

Recently I extolled the virtues of netbooks as an ideal device for travellers, due to their light weight, long battery life and very low (sub $500) cost. When the iPad was subsequently announced I assumed that it would be a … Continue reading

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iMEET! – a big step towards 21st century conferencing

A while back I reviewed Poll Everywhere – a Web 2.0-based tool for organisations to conduct polls and surveys at meetings, workshops and conferences. The software enables attendees to participate and vote via SMS text messages from their mobile phones … Continue reading

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