This blog was created by Gooding Davies Consultancy Pty Ltd initially to explore the impact of the explosion in social media and other aspects of web-related technologies  on NGOs, small organisations, councils and government agencies – as well as some of the online and other tools these organisations can use in delivering services and reaching communities.

As these tools have proliferated and become more accessible to these organisations the focus of Sociamind has shifted. While it still covers some of the broader issues relating to social media and the use of technology, the decision has been taken to concentrate on a small number of tools and techniques which may be useful specifically to small organisations.

These include business or mindmapping, a brainstorming, research and project design and management approach particularly well suited to individual users and small groups of workers. Recent Sociamind posts have concentrated on techniques for using MindManager, the leading application in this area. Many of the concepts covered are however broadly applicable to other mindmapping programs (many of which are available online or as smartphone and tablet apps) and in time coverage may be extended to these applications as well.

Gooding Davies Consultancy Pty Ltd is an independent consultancy based in Western Sydney, Australia, providing a range of services to Councils, Government and the corporate and community sectors including:

  • Advocacy, Consultation and Research
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Development
  • Organisation Development and Management
  • Expert Advice and Project Management

This blog complements StrategicMatters, another Gooding Davies Consultancy blog, which examines strategic thinking at both community and organisational levels relating to these issues.