Sociamind MindManager Article Map Updated

The mind map of MindManager posts on the Sociamind blog has been updated and revamped to make it easier to find articles.

Click on this link, the map below or the MindManager Articles item on the blog menu to go to the map, which shows selected posts relating to MindManager published over the past five years. The three most recent articles are now highlighted in red.

Around 50 articles are grouped by theme in the map. The hyperlink icon next to any topic provides access to the relevant post. The earliest MindManager version applicable to each article or group of articles is shown in brackets. Articles which discuss several key MindManager features may appear in the map more than once.

The techniques outlined in these articles do require at least a basic knowledge of MindManager, while some need a higher level of expertise. Several also require the use of external software, for example, Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook, and/or the use of MindManager third-party add-ins such as MAP and WordX2.

The map will continue to be updated and amended to incorporate new articles as they are published. However, MindManager continues to evolve rapidly under its new owners. This means that the material in some articles may become less relevant to later or earlier versions of the program, specific commands and options may change or the techniques described may not work at all in specific versions.

In addition some techniques require the use of add-ins or external programs which may also change, be updated or even discontinued. For these reasons we cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of this information provided in these articles, but if you do find something that appears not to work as described please let us know.

This map is a free service provided by Gooding Davies Consultancy. If you would like professional advice on how mind mapping could help your organisation, have a general query about mind mapping programs or need training on the use of MindManager software – or if you want to find out more about our other professional services, please contact us.

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