Explore MindManager Articles in new Sociamind Map

Almost all MindManager-related posts on Sociamind since early 2014 have been incorporated into a new map, available via the Sociamind menu or here.

The new map also demonstrates the Publish feature which has been further enhanced  with the release of MM 2018. This allows users to publish fully-featured interactive mindmaps hosted on Mindjet’s own servers which are available on most browsers either via a link or embedding in the user’s browser.

The map has been organised into key themes and sub-themes with the MM version used in each original article shown in brackets. Click on the hyperlink icon next to any topic to access the relevant article. Please note that articles which discuss several key MindManager features may appear in the map more than once.


The map will be updated and amended over time to incorporate new articles as they are published. Please note however that the material in some articles may not be relevant to later versions of MindManager or the specific commands required may have changed from those described. For this reason no responsibility is taken for the accuracy of the information provided.

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