“Mind map your way to a successful strategic planning day” series completed

The final part in my series on how organisations can use mind mapping to support their planning activities, Mind map your way to a successful strategic planning day, has just been posted on the Mindmapping Software blog.

Hypothetical organisation planning day map (source: author via Mind Mapping Software Blog)

I’d like to thank Chuck Frey for inviting me to write this series, in which I explain the advantages that mind mapping has over the traditional whiteboard as a tool for managing and recording strategic planning sessions, particularly for smaller and non-profit organisations. I also describe in detail some techniques to prepare for and then run a successful mind-mapped planning day.

This series draws on my experience with MindManager but the approaches involved can be used with any reasonably well-featured mind mapping program. Here are links to the five-part series:

  1. Strategic planning – stuck in the whiteboard time warp
  2. 7 key advantages mind mapping can bring to your planning session
  3. How to prepare for your first strategic planning day
  4. How to make your planning day succeed: the program
  5. How to make your planning day succeed: the process

Thanks again to Chuck for making this possible. And while you’re visiting his website, check out the map of why the chicken crossed the road…





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