Check out the Mindmapping software blog for my series on mind mapping and strategic planning

With the kind cooperation of Chuck Frey I have started a series of articles titled Mind map your way to a successful strategic planning day on the Mindmapping Software blog.

These posts commence by explaining the advantages that mind mapping has over the traditional whiteboard as a tool for managing and recording strategic planning sessions, particularly for smaller and non-profit organisations. In the later articles I will describe in detail how to prepare for and then run a mind-mapped planning day. While I am obviously drawing on my experience with MindManager these techniques can be applied with any reasonably well-featured mind mapping program.

The first article is Strategic Planning – Stuck in the Whiteboard Time Warp while the second in the series, 7 key advantages mind mapping can bring to your planning session, has just been published. Part 3 is due to appear shortly and parts 4 and 5 should be published within the next few weeks.



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