Strong growth in Sociamind visits

While I would like to claim all the credit for the strong growth in the number of site visitors and page views for the Sociamind website in 2017 I suspect that part of the story is an increasing interest in MindManager itself, especially since the 2017 release.

There were 3,190 visitors to the website with 5,929 views, an increase of 21% and 31% respectively over the 2016 figures (2,630 and 4,516). Apart from the Home page, by far the most views were of two articles on the new dashboard map and HTML 5 export features in MM 2017. Geographically, over half the views came from the US, with the UK and Germany running a distant second and third respectively.

Whatever your reasons for visiting Sociamind and regardless of where you come from, I would like to thank all my Sociamind visitors for your continued support.

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3 Responses to Strong growth in Sociamind visits

  1. deassoc says:

    Thank you, Alex, for shedding a light on the many new (and existing) features of MM17 and MM18. MM18 is function packed and is really cool, but the platform has yet to get the wider use and exposure it deserves! This aspect remains a major head scratcher… still!!

    Thank you for shining the spotlight on MM’s features, functions and benefits and the real business benefits it delivers.

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    • Alex says:

      Thanks deassoc for your kind words. It’s interesting that MM2018 doesn’t seem to have stirred as much interest as the release of MM2017 did, despite the fact that it contains an even wider range of new features.

      One thing I’ve been trying to do in my posts is highlight not only the new features themselves but also how much you can achieve by using them in combination with each other. I think though that paradoxically this is both a strength and weakness of MM – the more powerful and versatile the program is, the less clear its market niche becomes.


  2. deassoc says:

    That’s why I’m using a dashboard / control panel approach. Seems to digest a little easier and that’s what Symytry Foundations is about.


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